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my story

I grew up in Zurich, Switzerland (born March 31, 1985). I loved being a child and discovering the world. I am passionately sharing this gift with my son and he loves it. I am united by the nationality of 2 continents. As a kid I was good at hiding the fact that I had physical problems. It was difficult for me to understand why my body was fundamentally different from other people. Spine disease, arthrosis and rheumatism. After consulting around 30 doctors in the age of 14 years, almost no one could give me a reasonable answer why I have this horrible pain.


However, in the middle of my 20's I looked in the mirror a lot and I was disgusted what i saw. There I stood now and had absolutely no idea where the journey was going. I had to make a lot of decisions to answer this question. Every journey begins with a step.

In business terms I decided to switch to the banking sector after 6 years in the real estate industry in the age of 22. I loved the work and the people in the bank. A great boss who taught me a lot and many experiences have shaped me.

A narrow balancing act between work and family has begun including the birth of my son in 2011. This straight hike was an incredibly stupid idea, both for my mind and my body.

I think these days you need a good plan and a strong strategy to develop yourself as a person. Finding peace in a noisy world is my ultimate goal. This is also linked to financial freedom.

For more than 18 years now, I have started my journey to collect valuable information and use it in my daily life. This is truly a high level examination day in day out.

my qualifications

– Cured a childhood disease after 30 years (spine disease/arthrosis)

– 6 years of work in one of the largest real estate company in Switzerland
(asset value of 71 billion CHF)

– 10 years experiance in Banking and Finance 

– I have read over 600 books about self development and entrepreneurship (proven)

– 1 year work with one of the leader in tibetan medicine worldwide

– 1:1 work for 3 month with one of the highest paid consultants in the world.

– Over 5400 hours body workout over 20 years with a spine disease

– Over 18’000 hours online learning courses and reaserch (not including former jobs as employee)

– 5 foreign languages learned perfectly 

****All informations above can be proved if requested****

Oliver Martin is a Swiss entrepreneur, high-end consultant and asset manager. Oliver Martin is specialized in strategic thinking.


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