Basic High Net Worth Individuals

CHF 5,000

Advanced Very High Net Worth Individuals

CHF 10,000

Premium Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

CHF 25,000

Please be informed that I do not offer online bookings. Because I select potential clients wisely and I do not work with everyone.

What I do / My offer to the market place

My goal is to share important informations that will lead you to develop as a person and achieve your goals. This can be a company or a private person. My goal is to strengthen your mindset so that you can go into the future stronger than before. As doing the research is something that I practice my whole life to perfection, it is my obligation to share what I found and how I act. This will change your result dramatically.

What it means to help others on a high level of knowledge

I don't offer a transactional relationship, i offer a transformational relationship The most valueable commodity is your time, knowledge and energy I use the power of small numbers to turn it into huge numbers I sell a relationship and not a service


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