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​I believe in the strategic connection between people and the relationships that can arise from it.

​With the right way of learning and thinking, any learning process can have an incredible impact. My message: never ever learn from fake people.

​The advanced human psychology of high-end consulting sales and ultra luxury selling is an art to expand an area of ​​your life. We use simple methods that can be used effectively. Discipline and art require a high level of commitment.

​I believe that people have the potential to achieve more than they can imagine. In most cases, the problem is that no one has taught them how to deal with it.

For a secure future you need a strong foundation. 


Baur au Lac, Zurich, Switzerland

​My event takes place at Baur au Lac Hotel, one of the most prestigious locations in Zurich. And I host my events here for good reason.

​Since 1844, the millionaires and billionaires of Zurich/Switzerland have shaped the very fabric of our society. In the rooms of the Hotel, many of our country’s biggest and most important decisions are made.

​I decide with my team to host our events at Baur au Lac to continue this business legacy. The Hotel sophisticated, upscale environment is to inspire greatness among every Entrepreneur who attends our events.

​Our dress code is strictly enforced and we reserve the right to refuse entry to someone who does not comply with the dress code.

Oliver Martin is a Swiss entrepreneur, high-end consultant and asset manager. Oliver Martin is specialized in strategic thinking.


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